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Staff Profile

Natural Sciences
Department of Earth Sciences
Oyeyemi Oshin
BSc., (Geology), MSc., (Applied Geology), PhD (Geology)
• Geochemistry
• Economic Geology
• Entrepreneurship Geoscience
  1. Oshin, O., 2016, Geochemical characteristics of radioactive rocks in the Niger Delta basin: Implications for source of radioactivity and environment of deposition. Ilorin Journal of Science, v.3 No 1
  2. Ayodele, O. S., Awokunmi, E.F. and Oshin, O., 2017, Appraisal of heavy metals pollution on the stream sediments from Okemesi – Ijero Area, southwest Nigeria: Insight from geochemical fractionations and multivariate analysis techniques. Journal of Physical Sciences and Environmental Studies V. 3 (4) pp 36-47
  3. Ayodele O. S., Oshin, O., Awokunmi, E., 2017, Auriferous showings in the bedrocks and stream sediments of Okemesi- Ijero Area, Southwestern Nigeria. American Journal of Earth Sciences V.4 (2) pp 8-31
  4. Akanmu, T., Oshin, O., Ayodele, O.S., 2019. Mineralogical characterization of the gold bearing rocks around Okemesi-Ijero Area, Southwestern Nigeria. Global Scientific Journals. V. 7 Issue 1, pp 34-78
  5. Oshin, O., 2019, Embedding Enterprise Skills in Geoscience Curriculum: A Pathway to Enhancing Geoscientists’ Employability. In: Proceedings of a colloquium in commemoration of 70th birthday of Prof. M.A. Rahaman (In Press)
• Member, Nigerian Mining and Geoscience Society
• Member, Geochemical Society
• Member, Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists
• Member, Association of Exploration Geochemists
• Fellow, Institute of Entrepreneurs

Contact Details

  Ajayi Crowther University, P.M.B 1066, Oyo Town, Oyo State, Nigeria.
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  +234 8162692708 (VC's Office)
  +234 8162707728 (Registry)
  +234 8068753469 (Bursary)
  +234 8162207380 (PG School)
  +234 8163937918 (Part-Time)
  +234 8163149209 (Pre-degree)

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