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Natural Sciences
Department of Earth Sciences
OLAOJO Abayomi Adesola
Lecturer II
HND Geology (Poly Ibadan), B.Sc. Geology (Uni. of Ibadan), M.Sc. Applied Geophysics (Uni. of Ibadan)
Agro-geophysical investigation, Geophysical exploration for mineral deposit, Hydro-geophysical exploration, Environmental Geophysics and Thermal Studies
  1. Sanuade, O.A., Adetokunbo, P., Oladunjoye, M.A., Olaojo, A.A. (2018): Predicting moisture content of soil from thermal properties using artificial neural network. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Vol. 11:566,
  2. Sanuade O.A., Olaojo A.A., Akanji A.O., Oladunjoye M.A., and Omolaiye G.E. (2018):A Resistivity Survey of Phosphate Nodules in Oshoshun, Southwestern Nigeria. RMZ-Materials and Geoenvironment,DOI 10.1515/rmzmag-2018-0006
  3. Oyeyemi K.D., Sanuade O.A., Oladunjoye M.A., Aizebeokhai A.P., Olaojo A.A., Fatoba J.O., Olofinnade O.M., Ayara W.A. and Oladapo O. (2018): Data on the thermal properties of soil and its moisture content, Data in Brief,
  4. Olaojo, A.A, Oladunjoye, M.A. and Sanuade, O.A. (2018): Geoelectrical Assessment Of Polluted Zone By Sewage Effluent In University Of Ibadan Campus Southwestern Nigeria. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, vol. 190(24),
  5. Sanuade O. A., Fajana A. O., Olaojo A. A.,Oyeyemi K. D and Amosun J. O. (2017): GeostatisticalModeling of Porosity Data in ‘OBA’ Field, Onshore Niger Delta. RMZ-Materials and Geoenvironment, DOI 10.2478/rmzmag-2018-0005
• Corporate Member, Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society
• Active Member, Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists
• Geological Society of America

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  Ajayi Crowther University, P.M.B 1066, Oyo Town, Oyo State, Nigeria.
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  +234 8162692708 (VC's Office)
  +234 8162707728 (Registry)
  +234 8068753469 (Bursary)
  +234 8162207380 (PG School)
  +234 8163937918 (Part-Time)
  +234 8163149209 (Pre-degree)

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