Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension (DAEE)


The Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension is the Agribusiness and Socio-economic discipline of the Faculty of Agriculture, Ajayi Crowther University. The activities of the department are organized around teaching, research and outreach in the following core disciplines: (1) Agricultural Economics and (2) Agricultural Extension. Together with other departments in the faculty, the department contributes to the University’s vision and mission. Also contributes fundamentally to the manpower training needs of Nigeria’s Agri-Food Systems and the rest of the World. After successful resource verification in 2020, the National Universities Commission (NUC) approved the Bachelor of Agriculture programme (B.Agric.).


Bachelor of Agriculture (B. Agric):
  1. Agricultural Economics
  2. Agricultural Extension

Philosophy of the Department

To equip students with the principles of economics, business, and extension and the ability to apply themselves in wage and entrepreneurial employment.

Objectives of the Department

  1. To produce graduates with the requisite entrepreneurial competence that allows them to establish, run businesses profitably and create job
  2. To produce graduates with the requisite managerial competence for wage employment in both private and government sectors
  3. To develop core expertise in research and training in the area of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Extension.
  4. To collaborate with industry and other universities within and outside Nigeria in the area of students training, research, and curriculum development.
  5. To collaborate with communities, Local, State, and Federal Governments, parastatals, as well as other National and multinational agencies in the areas of research, consultancy, and advisory services.
  6. To collaborate with sister departments in the faculty and outside in multi-disciplinary research and consultancy
  7. To focus on research of relevance to our immediate environment.
  8. To contribute to current and future global issues in the area of research and policy advocacy.
  9. To provide quantitative and qualitative information to decision-makers in government, Non-government, smallholder farms/cooperatives, financial institutions, trade organizations, and cooperate firms.