Department of Crop and Animal Science

The Department of Crop and Animal science was created as a subset of the Faculty of Agriculture in year 2020. The Department offers courses in area of Crop production, Crop protection, Animal rearing and management, as well as breeding in field of crop and animal science.


Bachelor of Agriculture (B. Agric):
  1. Crop Science
  2. Animal Science
The Department also offers top up programmes for HND conversion to convert them to degree equipment.

Entry Requirement

A. UTME ENTRY MODE – Five (5) year B. Agric. Programme

i. O’level Subjects

The five O’level Credits (WASCE/NECO/GCE) to include: English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology or Agricultural Science

ii. UTME Subjects

English Language, Chemistry, Biology or Agricultural Science and any of Physics/Mathematics/Geography/Economics.

B. DIRECT ENTRY – Four (4) year B. Agric. Programme

i. NCE/ND or approved equivalent in relevant fields

ii. At least two Advanced Level passes to include Chemistry and any one of the following: Biology/Botany, Zoology/Agricultural Science, Economics, Physics and Geography.

iii. IJMB at acceptable grade levels.


i. HND conversion

ii. Inter and Intra Transfer

Degree Requirement

To be eligible for the B. Agric. degree, a student must pass all the prescribed courses and obtain a minimum of 150 credit units within the 5-year programme and 120 credit units within the 4-year programme.

Regulation on Course selection

In line with the Faculty of Agriculture, the department operates a course unit system in a 2-semester academic year for the B.Agric. degree. Students are required to take a list of approved courses and register for not less than 15 credit units and non-more than 24 credit units in each semester.