1. Results of our returning students from 100 – 300 level, duly marked by lecturers, after which Departmental and Faculty Board of Examiners collated and approved, has been done.
  2. Some students will not have results partly because:
    1. They did not complete payment of their Tuition Fee and thus could not do exams.
    2. Graduating Students that have outstanding courses were given the opportunity to participate in the on-going Make-Up Examination by permission of the University Senate. These results will be collated and inputted in the students’ records and made available online as soon as they are ready and approved.
    3. Parents/Students have Pins to access these results. Those who have lost their Pins or do not yet have any should contact the Parents’ Forum for parents and the Bursary Unit for students to collect it.
    4. We wish to inform the general public that ordinarily, students that fail compulsory courses will only be able to take them at the earliest available opportunity. We have stopped Make-Up Exam. Also, be informed that the University as of last session, 2015/2016, cancelled the summer program. Parent are therefore to advise their wards to apply themselves to their studies, behave themselves by complying with the Rules and Regulations of the University and remember their recently signed Undertaking.
    5. The University hall resume 2017/2018 Session on September 18, 2017. All students are expected to be in residence on this date. They will be screened accordingly at the gate.
    6. Lectures will begin almost immediately.
  1. The University Senate approved General Studies course titled ‘Character Code’ has been scored for each student as part of the overall computation of their result.

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