Philosophy & Objective

Biochemistry is concerned with the metabolism and various processes that affect human’s enzymatic process in food and plants. The undergraduate programme in Biochemistry is therefore designed to enable student appreciate the centrality of this Chemical Science in economic sustenance and technological development of the society. It is put in place to arouse the entrepreneurial spirits needed for self-employment and economic emancipation. Facilities available for this programme will enable individual students to develop his or her skill in Biochemistry for future challenges.


The specific objectives of the Biochemistry programme are to:
i. make students well grounded in the principles and knowledge of the scientific techniques of the Biochemistry.
ii. arouse in students a mind of enquiry and creativity so that they can explore and exploit the education received in Biochemistry for national development.
iii. educate and train Biochemists to acquire a meaningful picture of Chemical industries.
iv. equip students with problem-solving skills in Biochemical industries and consequently broaden their professional participation in the sector; and
v. train students to be results oriented in the biochemical and allied technological fields.

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