Procedure for Paying School Fees

School Fees Payment Instructions:

Visit our website at and click on the 'CLICK HERE TO PAY FEES' link at the top right-hand corner on any page. Login to the payment platform by typing your Matric. Number or Temporary Admission Number as both Username and Password then click the 'Log In' button.

A list of fees payable is displayed your screen as shown:

Note that:

  • if you have outstanding fees you cannot pay for the current session until the outstanding fees are settled.
  • you MUST specify valid email and GSM numbers to be able to make any payment. Type email and GSM and click Update button to save it.
  • we do not collect any Card details from you.

You can pay using an ATM card or directly at any Bank Branch nationwide.


  1. Click Pay with ATM Card beside the fee bundle you want to pay
  2. You will be redirected to the Confirmation page

  1. Click the Pay Now, if all details are okay. You will be transferred to the InterSwitch payment screen.

4.     4.  It is not likely you have a Quickteller login, click No Thanks, Continue

5.      5. Choose you card type



6.   6.  Enter your card details and click Pay button. Please note that the Interswitch payment page begins with https:// and has the Webpay logo.


7. You will be returned to Smart Receipts portal and a status page Displayed. If transaction was successful, you will receive an SMS alert (your Sponsor too) and an email message. If transaction failed, apart from the notification screen, you will receive an email notification.



  1. Click Pay at any Bank beside the fee bundle you want to pay.
  2. You will be redirected to the Confirmation page, Print the page and take to any Bank for payment.

NOTE that the Payment Reference expires after 7 days. If you have not made payments after 7 days, you have to re-generate the Payment Reference to be able to make payment

  1. After payment is posted by Bank Cashier, you will be given an e-receipt (Email and SMS alerts will be sent to you).
  2. Re-login to Smart Receipts via the University's portal and your records would have been updated.




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