Geology is the study of the Earth, its processes, history and resources which include petroleum, groundwater and solid minerals such as gold, and the effects of earth materials in humans and life in general.

In its application, Geology is employed to solve many problems of the society in energy supply, water supply, public health, the environment and agriculture.

You become a geologist after studying and obtaining a degree in geology at an accredited university such as Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo.

As a geologist you will be able, among other things, to:

  • Explore for, discover, evaluate and develop natural resources, such as, metallic and industrial minerals, coal, groundwater and petroleum resources
  • Solve environmental problems associated with pollution, waste management, urbanization and natural hazards, such as earthquakes, erosion and flooding
  • Investigate the geological factors that affect structures such as airports, buildings, bridges, dams and roads and proffer appropriate solutions


Employment outlook for geologists is brighter than for most other disciplines in the sciences, specifically, geologists work as professionals in:

  • Federal and State government ministries and agencies in the solid minerals, petroleum, hydrology and environmental industries.
  • Oil companies
  • Exploration and mining companies
  • Consulting firms
  • The universities and polytechnics – as lecturers (after obtaining higher degrees)

Geologists can also be self-employed as geological consultants, environmental consultants, small scale miners, industrial mineral processors, quarry operators etc.


Several universities offer geology as one of their degree courses. But the geology degree course at ACU is unique and offers you the best option whether you wish to further your studies, seek employment or be self-employed after graduation.

Our uniqueness includes:

  • A low student-staff ration, which means you receive more individualized attention from your lecturers
  • A curriculum that includes a course in mineral economics. ACU is probably the only place you can study this course at the undergraduate level in Nigeria. This course allows you to expand your employment horizon beyond the traditional geologists’ work place to include the banks, insurance companies etc.
  • Emphasis on field-based technique in teaching. This teaching technique is arguably the most efficient and comprehensive method to train young geologist. You will have ample opportunity to put what you learn in the classroom into practice on field trips. ACU is probably the only university in Nigeria where geochemical and geophysical techniques are integrated with geological techniques in the teaching mapping.

ACU geology programme is accredited by both the National Universities commission (NUC) and the Council of Mining Engineers and Geoscientists (COMEG) which are the two regulatory bodies for the training of geologists in Nigeria.


To become a good geologist you must have strong interest in the basic sciences – biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics as these are the blocks from which geology is build. You must also like the outdoor life as geologists spend a considerable part of their time in the field.


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