Readers Services Division

This division establishes direct contact with the Library users. It takes custody of materials that have been processed in the Technical Services Division and makes them available to users in an organized and controlled system. The division housed Circulation, Reference, Documents and Bindery Units. The division coordinates the activities of the Units under it

Circulation Unit

The functions in the Unit include:

  • register new Library users;
  • charge books out to users;
  • discharge returned books;
  • keep statistics and generate reports of Library users and Library materials consulted;
  • display and shelve new books;
  • re-shelve used books;
  • conduct shelf-reading;
  • maintain books on the open shelves; and
  • maintain books on reserved and other closed access shelves and keep records of usage.

Reference Unit

Materials in this Unit are meant to be consultated only, they can not be borrowed or taken out of the library. The functions in the Unit include:

  • provides answers to Reference queries;
  • maintains Reference collection on closed shelves;
  • provides answers to directional and non-directional queries;
  • processes inter-library requests;
  • educated users how to use special Reference materials;

Documents Unit

The Documents Unit houses government publications and other publications emanating from corporate bodies. Documents can only be consulted in this Unit except for the purpose of photocopying. However, permission must be sought from the Librarian in charge of the Unit before such documents can be taken out of the purpose of photocopying. The Unit is headed by a Librarian, with functions which include:

  • harvesting of documents from government agencies and corporate bodies;
  • classifying the harvested publications;
  • maintaining the records of documents in the Unit;
  • ensuring that documents are made available to users on request; and
  • keeping statistics and generating reports of documents consulted.