The Chaplaincy

One of the core values of Ajayi Crowther University, as a faith-based Institution is Spirituality. The overall spiritual development of both the staff and students is directed by the Holy Spirit through the University Chaplain, in accordance with the precepts of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).

The spiritual formation goals of the University are:

  • To influence the Ajayi Crowther University community for a more vital relationship with God and with others.
  • To develop and implement faith-building programmes that encourage students to mature in wisdom and character and motivate them to develop as leaders, who will be ambassadors of God’s grace in the world.
  • To see our graduates having a transformational impact on culture and society through the acquisition of leadership qualities and skills

The Spiritual development goals are achieved through Chaplaincy, University Chapel and Church attendance. The Chaplaincy generates spiritual programmes designed to bring out of her graduates the Total Man.

This is achieved through:

  • Pastoral Care Services.
  • Chapel and Church Attendance.
  • Counselling (Individual and, or group).
  • Workshops, Seminars.

Other spiritual programmes designed to meet the needs of the students include:

BIBLE- STUDY: This holds once in the week. Students meet in groups in their respective halls of residence to have an in-depth study of the Bible for an hour.

DISCIPLESHIP CLASS: An eight week discipleship programme designed for new converts, new students before they join any activity group in the Chaplaincy, as well as those who wants to grow in the faith.

FILM SHOW: Weekly Christian film show that is related to Christian life situation that help students to be more established in the faith.

POWER VIGIL: This holds every last Friday of the month.

HOUR OF REFRESHING: Also a weekly prayer meeting for students to pray through.


The students are encouraged to use their talent to serve the Lord, as well as allow for Christian growth through the following activity groups:
The Choir, Bible Study Group Leaders, Guild of Stewards, Beautification Group, Drama Group, Intercessors. Each group is led by chosen coordinators under the supervision of the Chaplain.