ACU CV Format

Candidates are required to submit 20 word processing copies of their applications and Curriculum Vitae giving information in the following format:

(i)           Full names with surname in Capitals

(ii)          Post desired and Department

(iii)         Date of birth, Town and State of Origin

(iv)        Nationality

(v)         Religion and Denomination

(vi)        Current Postal Address

(vii)       Permanent Home Address (with Telephone No)

(viii)      Marital Status

(ix)         Names and ages of children

(x)          Institutions attended with dates

(xi)         Academic Qualifications

(xii)        Work Experience

(xiii)       Present employment, status, salary and employer

(xiv)      List of publications in details (where applicable)

(xv)       Extra-curricular activities

(xvi)      Names and Addresses of 3 Referees whose reports should be sealed   and submitted along with the application.  Two of the referees must be authorities in the candidate’s area of specialization.

The post applied for and Department are to be indicated at the top-left corner of the sealed envelope containing the applications.

NOTE:  (i) Verifiable professional, academic, moral and spiritual references are prerequisites.